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How to Control the Quality of Moon Cake Iron Boxes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. When it comes to Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are probably indispensable. When we go shopping in the supermarket, we will find that there are many exquisite mooncake gift boxes already on the shelves. One of the more common ones is mooncakes packaged in iron boxes. Exquisite iron box packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reusable. So how do you control quality when customizing iron boxes? Below, Anhui iron can manufacturers will briefly introduce to you.

In terms of printing design: since it is customized for iron boxes, the surface naturally needs to be printed with patterns. When designing the patterns of mooncake boxes, you can focus on the theme of reunion and harmony during the Mid Autumn Festival. Traditional Chinese style is also a good choice.

In terms of the thickness of the iron box, there may be significant differences in the thickness of the materials used for different sizes, with common thicknesses ranging from 0.20mm to 0.28mm. However, the 6-pack mooncake iron box is larger and usually uses 0.25mm to 0.28mm thick tinplate as the raw material for processing. The box of 2-4 capsules is smaller, and raw materials with a thickness of 0.23mm can also be used.

In terms of iron box materials: Currently, the mainstream on the market are frosted iron, sheet iron, and substrate iron. Compared to the latter, the first two are much better in terms of texture and quality. As high-end packaging, mooncakes naturally use sheet iron box frosted iron as the main method. A high-quality mooncake packaging iron box must meet the unique entrepreneurial design, high-quality raw materials, and high-quality printing and production processes in order to make good packaging.

The above is the method organized by the editor on how to control the quality of mooncake iron boxes. Every Mid Autumn Festival, we bring a box of mooncakes home for reunion, and the exquisite and high-quality iron box packaging makes people have a desire to buy.

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