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Principles of Gift Iron Box Design

When we go shopping in the supermarket, we will find that there are many gift boxes on display during holidays. Most of these gift boxes are packaged in iron boxes, and the packaging is very exquisite, making them suitable for giving to family and friends. So what factors and principles should manufacturers consider when designing these iron box packaging? Below, Hefei iron can manufacturers will briefly introduce to you.

Design Principle 1: Reflect High Grade
It not only expresses the dignity of the recipient, but also reflects the identity of the recipient. Therefore, gift box packaging should pay attention to the “appearance” of the packaging. Modern packaging materials have evolved from natural materials to synthetic materials, from single materials to composite materials, greatly enriching the selection of packaging materials. Gift iron box packaging

There are many types of packaging materials for gift boxes. The widely used one is tinplate. Various materials have different textures, such as elasticity, softness, toughness, and waterproofing. Of course, there are also many gift boxes that prefer to choose other materials for packaging, such as metal materials, because they are crisp, shiny, have a sense of gold and silver, and are conducive to processing, shaping, printing, and repeated use, which are widely used in gift packaging.

Design Principle 2: Emphasizing Emotionality
Gifting itself is a way of conveying emotions, and gift box packaging is often a messenger of emotions and a link for emotional exchange. Therefore, the emotional appeal of gift packaging cannot be ignored. Emotional appeal can be reflected in the colors, text, and graphics of packaging, as well as expressed in the shape of the packaging. Like a heart shape, conveying warmth and romance; A cartoon animal shape that conveys joy and joy; There are also antique designs, conveying simplicity, nostalgia, and so on. Moving people with emotions is a very strategic approach in modern gift box packaging design.

The above is the principle of gift iron box packaging design organized by the editor. Exquisite iron box packaging is used to give gifts to family and friends, which not only looks high-end, but also reflects a sense of friendship. Most packaging on the market considers these two factors.

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