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Iron box customization: need to understand these issues

Exquisite iron box packaging is deeply loved by consumers, and many manufacturers are also starting to start marketing by customizing exquisite iron box packaging to attract consumers to purchase. But not all iron box packaging is loved by consumers, and before customizing iron boxes, we must understand a few questions. Below, the editor will have a chat with everyone.

Iron box customization
Question 1: What is a product?
It’s not a technical issue; This should be a simple one. What are you selling? How big is it? What material is it made of? Is it very exquisite? This question will help you determine if there are any logistics essentials in your product packaging. For example, exquisite products require safer packaging. On the other hand, large or strangely sized items may require customized packaging solutions rather than ready-to-use boxes.

Question 2: Who is purchasing the product?
Should this product be used by men, women, or both? Is it suitable for children or adults? Is it aimed at people with environmental awareness? For those with a budget or a large amount of disposable income? The packaging of the product should attract ideal consumers; It is important to understand who the consumer is before starting the design process. Products suitable for the elderly may require larger text. Alternatively, items aimed at wealthy customers need to consider materials that can create a sense of luxury.

Question 3: How do people purchase products?
Did they buy it in the supermarket? A small boutique? Online? If you want to sell and transport products online, you will need to consider different packaging instead of standing out on large store shelves. The items to be sold online may not have a lot of extra space, which may lead to excessive packaging space or bent packaging.

In summary, before we customize iron boxes, only by fully understanding consumers’ needs and consumption habits, and tailoring iron box packaging in a targeted manner, can we win consumers’ love. Blindly following the trend is ineffective.

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